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We at astrologyduo.com believe that Astrology gives us the proof needed to understand & follow religiously the Dharma of life.

As it is all karmic & after repeated births we grow, learn, experience, understand to transform our energies into
the natural state of flow. 

What Are You Struggling With?

We can help remove blockages of energies of certain planets or lunar mansions
(Nakshatras) that might have knotted or blocked path.
The mere understanding of our own strengths & weaknesses, one can easily glide through life. So as to take maximum advantage of our good times by having synchronized vibrations & avoiding catastrophes in our bad times by burning a karma and/or by mitigating the negative effects of our karmic baggage.

Gain Control of Your Life & Find the Balance You Need to Succeed!

Astrologer Simrita Sethi & Astrologer Karan Gawri have started this initiative to shower the deep understanding, its purpose & secrets to life which is unique to everyone.

“Shiv & Shakti” The Balance of energies “Ying & Yang”.
Our combined techniques help us take these predictions to the next level. We devote our time, energy, effort to try and give you a better understanding of the blessings and curses of your life based on your Birth Chart (Kundali) through many different techniques and combinations of confirmation.

Astrology Guidance


General Reading – 3100/

General Prediction on health, wealth, career, marriage etc.


One Topic In depth Reading- 2100/

30mins max via voice or video call.


Marriage/Partner Compatibility analyses – 3100/

Areas of success & areas of problems

Find Your New Narrative

About Us

We expertise in relationship compatibility, health ailments & its underlying causes along with remedies, profession, wealth, self growth, fulfilment of desires, karmic knots, generational curses, children, defame, sudden losses or gains & spirituality.

Vedic Astrologer Karan Gawri

Seeker, Philosopher, Vedic Astrologer
Bcom, Chandigarh, India
MBA Finance, Australia
Jyotish Ratnakar, Jyotish Vibhushan
Advanced Astrology


Om Guruve Namaha

I have studied formal and informal courses, tried and tested many techniques and principles to get to where I am in life.
“I have always questioned our existence as a species in this World”

anārambhastu kāryāṇāṃ prathamaṃ buddhilakṣaṇam। ārabdhasyāntagamanaṃ dvitīyaṃ buddhilakṣaṇam॥

Vedic Astrologer Simrita Sethi


Hi I am Simrita Sethi based out of New Delhi, India.
Since childhood I have been curious to know more about the power and the impact of abstract things around us.
I started reading about Astrology and other ancient texts in my early teens only to find answers to our existence, sufferings and blessings in this life.
I have always felt that the modern science is limited in comparison to Vedic, but lack of awareness has led us away from our roots, and made us mock at all the ancient
wisdom of our sages.

“ यत पिंडे तत ब्रह्माण्डे ”

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