The first of the 5 elements the Panch Maha bhutas the most subtle element empty space, glue binding force and omnipresent. The space other element fills is ETHER. Shabda- the space that exists before the vibration of sound is generated

SOUND + ETHER= INSEPARABLE LOSS OF HEARING OR VOICE ISSUES IS BECAUSE OF THE ETHER IMBALANCE ETHER is everything that the other four elements are not. ETHER is not vet, heavy, light , hot , so ETHER is dry dense and cold. It is the most expensive element and creates differentiation. It is the most difficult to perceive but essential for all other elements to exist. The hollow empty spaces in body like intestine, bladder , lungs are all filled with ETHER DOSHA VAAT DOSHA automatically happens if ETHER is Afflicted. ETHER in the body can increase space and decrease structure. (The destruction of tissue, Parkinson disease) ETHER is balanced by nourishment, physical and emotional love. Balancing the other four elements will naturally balance ETHER. Bitter foods contain most ETHER, though ETHER is tasteless. When ETHER no longer holds the elements together, DEATH HAPPENS.


It is evolved from Ether where the capacity to be movable, kinetic energy is elevated. Touch and AIR are inseparable. SPARSH = UNMANIFESTED FORM OF TOUCH, SKIN IS AIR ELEMENT AIR is also linked to life energy (Prana) Or the five types of vayus.

  • Inward Prana ( prana)
  • Outward Prana (vyana)
  • Upward Prana (udana)
  • Downward Prana (apana)
  • Centre prana (samana)

Air can move too fast or too slow or be obstructed causing Hyper excitability or sluggishness or paralysis . Bitter foods = AIR + ETHER Vaat dosha = ether + vayu.


TEJAS in sanskrit . It is evolved from Ether and Air. Ether provides fire the space to exist within, while Air provides fire the capacity to burn . It is the airs presence why the fire is never still. Fire is the process of liberating energy from its source . Fire enters through eyes and gives perception, any disorder of eyes , visual impairment is due to Fire dosha To walk , run and change direction Fire is needed. Fire represents Light, heat , Lustre, energy , heat , metabolism, understanding, transformation, etc

The five types of fire in the body

1. Panchaka Agni- digestion
2. Sadhaka Agni – Intellect
3. Allocaka Agni- Visual
4. Ranjaka Agni – Adds color to body
5. Bhrasaka Agni- touch, skin

Excess fire build up heat stool become lose , sweats , urinate The Lustre increase , eyes shine , intellect is sharp Deficient fire – cold feeling, slow metabolism, stool and urine decreases Too much fire symptoms =blood shot eyes , skin rash , fevers, mind intense, etc Pitta = fire + water.


Fourth element also known as Apas. Ether provides water the space, air provides mobility , fire is created by airs friction . Nature becomes denser , Fire becomes cool and takes form of water . Taste/Rasa disorder of taste imbalance of water element Water is also the protector of body And Basic nourishment
  • It protects from
  • Dissolution of ether
  • Roughness of air
  • Heat of fire

Five types of water

1. Bodhak Kapha – saliva etc
2. Kledaka Kapha- digestive juices
3. Tarpaka Kapha- nuerological impulses
4. Shleshaka Kapha – joints , cartilage
5. Avalambaka Kapha- heart, lungs


Ether provides the space to exist, air provides EARTH with subtle movement, fire is latent within the structure bound by the chemical bonds of nature . E= Mc2

Water is the gap between gases and solid state . All five elements are born of ETHER and contained within EARTH. Smell/Gandha are deeply connected to element EARTH. Disorder in the ability to smell is a reflection of imbalance in EARTH element. Eating and defecation maintains balance in EARTH element Diarrhea causes weak body , Constipation causes toxic body. The entire body is based on earth. More earth will give think skin , nails , large muscles , dense air Less earth gives orthoprosis, weak bones etc. During pregnancy excess fasting should be avoided as the earth element is essential for the formation of child in the womb. One function of EARTH element is also to regulate body temperature. Kapha = water + earth
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