The client has accepted all terms and conditions by paying for any service on this Website. Astrology is not a science and is not recognised for any concrete results. It is an old belief system and works subconsciously and no evidence can be provided. Since astrology is subject to individual interpretations www.astrologyduo.com does not make any warranties on the accuracy or interpretations of any activity linked with www.Astrologyduo.com. These consultations, therefore, have no legal or contractual significance.
The remedies or predictions made are only an opinion of the Astrologer where this is only for entertainment purpose and no claims can be made against any advice given via oral or written or any other medium.
We do not force any religion or rituals on any individual and hence any advise given to follow any god is purely the views of the astrologer and not binding either party.
The website www.astrologyduo.com does not guarantee the accuracy of reports and disclaim any responsibility for any decision(s) or its consequences taken by any person based on reports/consultations given.
On receiving a particular enquiry from a Customer, the predictions answered within 21 working days or earlier. We have the right to reject any service and give refund within 45days from the decision.
If the customer cancels a service bought, she/he needs to send Transaction id with screenshot and reason of cancellation. A refund will be done in source account within 45days of receiving such a request.
Only transfers made through the website will be entertained. Queries will be answered only when we receive the payment at our end. All types of contacts will be made on call or mail. Personal consultation would be available by appointment basis only. All disputes to be settled in Chandigarh Court Jurisdiction only.
**Right to terminate www.astrologyduo.com reserves the right to terminate and is not limited to any service and refund (within 45days) any money received without assigning any reason. It also therefore, reserves the right to modify, alter or discontinue any service, with or without notice to the customers who may accept the revised terms.
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