Sun is hot and Burning planet with massive amount of heat . Sun is the Karaka for dharma (righteous) Sun is considered a mild malefic in Astrology. Sun is also your Ego.

Whenever Sun Dasha comes it will burn you (cause hardships) in order to purify you . Sun wants you to be righteous and it wants to Purify you for your growth on soul level. Whenever a planet is close to sun , it is known to be in combustion.

Combustion means ‘planet under fire’ . That planet can cause you suffering in life until you learn to be pure . This makes the planet very angry . Earlier life will cause you to act in EGO in that planetary signification of life and cause suffering .
Anytime a planet is combust it is advisable refrain from ego (sun) in regards to its signification and act in righteous way (dharma) in regards to its significations so as to avoid suffering and being burnt by heat of sun. For example mars when in combustion will make you ACT out of ego, cause anger in you and will cause you trouble till the time you don’t do righteous actions and avoid ego clash with your brothers. When Venus in combustion , it will make you act out of ego in relationships and females. If sun is winning the planetary war you will let your ego be bigger in relationships than your love. Early life will cause suffering in relationships because of your inflated ego. Extra marital relationship (Adharma) is a big no no when Venus is combust as the sun lights will expose the hidden things and cause trouble and suffering in relationships or females in order to purify you. The best is to be pure and righteous with females and relationships in order to gain Venus.( love, wealth, luxury ) Sun may represent your EGO. For some people EGO will be blinding their intellect or the mind. The mind does not work well when SUPER EGO is close to it. If Jupiter is combust then it means that EGO makes the person think that he/she knows everything and there is no need for a guide, GOD, Guru or teacher. In most cases Mercury (Buddhi – intellect) the planet for logic and intellect is combust. The reason for this is that Sun and Mercury never get away more than 28 degrees from each other. This actually means that the power of their intellect is overpowered by a false ego.
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