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“The key is to consciously use astrology in self-acceptance through the understanding of unique karmic blueprints of our stars”

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Hi I am Simrita Sethi based out of New Delhi, India. Since childhood I have been curious to know more about the power and the impact of abstract things around us.
I started reading about Astrology and other ancient texts in my early teens only to find answers to our existence, sufferings and blessings in this life. I have always felt that the modern science is limited and restricted to our physical senses only. It has led us away from our roots, and made us mock at all the ancient wisdom of our sages.
“ यत पिंडे तत ब्रह्माण्डे ”
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Where are the roots?

I realised that my innate desire is to help people and to be a guiding source in their life. Therefore, after completing my graduation in Interiors & Architecture, I directed myself towards professionally pursuing Vedic Sciences from Institute of Vedic Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi.
I have learnt through various workshops & have developed over the years many healing techniques like Reiki, Numerology & Aura cleansing. My journey continues, as a student as I will continue to investigate and learn all my life.
The focus of my work is in assisting my clients in discovering and living their true potential, thereby aligning their vibration in harmony to the universe. I strongly assist my clients to CHANNELISE their Energies in certain ways to benefit/avoid any unwanted negative forces of planetary alignments by means of KARMIC CORRECTION.
I try to stimulate a powerful journey of self-discovery for my clients, shedding light on their gifts and strengthening any weaknesses in order to transform them into their full potential.
Remedial recommendations are often made to neutralize the effects of a malefic planet or a malefic dasha, which would bring my clients to a greater state of harmony with their own planetary alignments.
Also one can get to know about the right time to start a venture. Things when done in the right time (muhurat) bear expected fruits.
As a Counselling Astrologer and a Vastu Expert, I wish to share my gift worldwide so that human beings start to vibrate better, attract better & ACCEPT the challenges thrown at them in order to create a peaceful existence as well as go through the much needed Transformation for Growth.
“The key is to consciously use astrology in self-acceptance through the understanding of unique karmic blueprints of our stars.”
Astrologer Simrita
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