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“I have always questioned our existence as a species in this World”.

Seeker, Philosopher, Vedic Astrologer
Bcom, Chandigarh, India
MBA Finance, Australia
Jyotish Ratnakar, Jyotish Vibhushan
Advanced Astrology

Namaste, I have been involved in my family business, invested in various fields, studied formal and informal courses, tried and tested many techniques and principles to get where I am in life.
अनारम्भो हि कार्ााणाांप्रथमांब ुद्धीलक्षणम।् आरब्धस्र्ान्तगमनांद्वितीर्ांब ुद्धधलक्षणम॥
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Where are the roots?

As a child I would often ask my parents of what this all was? Intriguing questions about self, life, its journey and purpose. A sense of purpose to all this effort, suffering, enjoyment, pain, destiny, karma some explanation was needed to satisfy my thirst. I would look one glance at the people in general and be astonished that only handful of people would question our existence and purpose.
I would always try and assess to why some people benefit more, yet some seemed doomed to have born in such circumstances or body or mind issues to put them at a great disadvantage.
After completing my Masters and working along side it I started a vegetarian diet, yoga, read Bhagwat Geeta & other texts, scripts, books to get some comprehension on life and understanding.
Many philosophes would help alter mind for some time but again the rational brain will find loopholes in my research and understanding.
Finally, the day came where I started reading astrology to find meaning to certain things I was seeing and observing at the time. Astrology gave the power and understanding that just by mapping out the planetary positioning on the ecliptic at the time of one’s birth we could lighten the path forward.
Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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ACCG Accredited ADHD Coach

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Member of ABC, DEF

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Career Specialty Services Provider, CSS

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Astrology is the Eyes of the Vedas, as the eyes help you see and realise your path in life, Astrology also does the same and shows us the forces/energies we are surrounded by in this life. Our own composition, our environment and opportunities are shown.
The same book that gives us the ability to predict the future, past of a Native also helps us mitigate Negative affects by Simple Remedies & rituals. If a Wise man say’s don’t believe in Astrology and trust in Hard Work he or she probably believes and Follows Astrology and due to their own Egotistical Issues wants to put hurdles in your way of Success.
Success does not mean in Material terms only as history shows us for each has there own Amrit received in a different way.
Astrologer Karan Gawri
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