When people talk about astrology, most of them talk about their Sun sign only.

Everyone knows about their sun sign, the sign you look up when you re checking out your horoscope on newspapers and other sources. It’s probably easier to find as compared to your other placements in chart.

However What people don’t know is that their moon sign may hold the most influence over their life.

Most people rely upon their westernised sun signs and read these online daily horoscopes which rarely resonate with them.
It is a rare possibility to have the same sun and moon sign in your birth chart unless and until you were born on the new moon day ( Amavasya) or one day ahead or after it. Your moon sign can be easily looked up if you have an accurate time of birth, and birth location. Moon is connected to mind in astrology. It denotes how you were nurtured in childhood and how you are going to be wired emotionally for the future. Your moon sign is associated with your subconscious. It represents the pervasive beliefs we adopt in childhood based upon our parenting that we often leave unexamined until well into our adult lives. Moon sign is more about your feelings and your habits. It can reveal more about your inner self and private life. The influence of our subconscious (our moon) has over us is extremely powerful, because it governs our deepest understanding of the world, what we feel in our gut, and that understanding governs our actions. Our Rishis gave the existence of moon as the reason for basis of Astrology. Moon is closest to earth as compared to sun so it effects us the most. It changes sign in every two days while SUN changes Sign in every Thirty days.
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